New Youtube Channel

In October 2020 we created our new  

Youtube Channel


We provide weekly 

- Windsurf Tuiton

- Gear and Rigging Tips

- Quick Tips

- Fitness Tips and full workouts

- Destination Videos

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Windsurflabor Camps 2018

Where we held our 2018 Clinics, what we do, how and where ...

Mountainbike Germany - new trails

Love to ride and explore new trails in Germany

New Year

Happy New Year Clip from Yoli and myself and with takes from quite some different places

Yoli de Brendt Freestyle at home

Female Freestyle Windsurf at El Yaque Beach

Mountainbiking in Germany

Love to ride these trails in Germany 

Video Blog Lanzarote

On a normal day off at one of my favourite Windsurf Playgrounds

Tobago - Caribbean

Was always nice at little paradise Tobago

SUP at Isla Margarita

Love my little secret Wave Spots for SUP at Isla Margarita Camp KOS

A place we love to come back to - KOS / Greece

Wave Special Moulay 

Part of the schedule for many years : The Wave Specials Moulay - Morocco

Yoli de Brendt

Windsurfing at El Yaque Beach - Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Video Blog Blausteinsee - Germany 2017

Just coming back from Greece the Mega Storm hit western germany and created a superb Freestyle Playground

El Yaque Winter 2017

Just another nice windy winter at El Yaque Beach

Addicted to ride

Litle Clip by friend Russel Groves about Yoli and myself, Windsurf, SUP, Skate

Video Blog El Yaque

Some Windsurfing at El Yaque Beach

Windsurflabor Camps

What I do and where ?  Well, here we go...

Video Blog El Yaque Winter 2015

A little bit of everything : Windsurf - SUP- MTB sharing my winter at home with you

Mountainbike Isla Margarita

Riding amazing trails with a super MTB group 

Freeridin' El Yaque

Little Windsurf Freeride Session at home

Video Blog from El Yaque Beach

Windsurf, SUP, Mountainbike, a bit of everything.. our every days life

El Yaque Heroes Freestylin' 

Yoli de Brendt - Gollito Estredo - Ricardo Campello - Cheo Diaz..  doing what they do...

Easter Week at Isla Margarita

Spring Break Party week....